Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week # 3: The Lunch Adjustment

The long holiday weekend was busier than expected, so this post is late. Still shooting for Sundays.

One of the first things you hear about when thinking about saving a few dollars is how much is spent on lunch at work. True... Considering a $6 daily average, which is conservative at many eateries, lunch expenses can add up to more than $1,500 per year.

The first thought is usually to pack a lunch. The second thought is that usually means eating at the desk. Hmmmm... I do that when I need to, but much prefer to take some time in the middle of a busy day (which is basically EVERY day) to get away for a short time and reset the brain, or catch up with a friend or two. It would be tough to give that up.

My alternative plan is still a sacrifice. I'm giving up french fries and sodas during the weekday lunch hour. Over time, I will track the difference between the "meal" option and the solo sandwich, take water with me, and add up the couple bucks (and the calories) saved each day.

After one week, I am noticing the difference is usually a little over $2, so I will hit the $100 savings target sometime before my 50th lunch. I am tracking the daily difference and will update this post as I go. If I lose any weight I'll try to document that too. Perhaps I will be able to also capture $100 in reduced medical expenses as a result of eating better.

Saved so far: $11.47 in five lunches as of 1-19-11.

Total saved to date: $378.11 in three weeks.

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