Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week # 2: Cancel Old Web Hosting Account

While we were involved with booster clubs for the kids' schools, our credit cards were frequently used to help out with various things, including website hosting. A glance at the bill revealed a monthly charge for hosting a website that had actually been moved to a different service provider two years ago. Oops.

It's a $19.95 monthly hit, and we probably wasted about $400 just because we weren't paying attention. Would like to have that money back, but at least the leak is plugged now. So far, good resolution.

For periodic charges like this, I'll calculate the savings based on a year of time, just to keep things consistent. So...

$19.95/month x 12 months = $239.40 in annual savings.

Total saved to date: $366.64.

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