Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week # 1: Cancel the Newspaper

We're a little behind the times on this one I think, so it was obvious. We did enjoy the printed news while our kids and their schools occasionally were mentioned, but they're moving on to college and we get most of our information online now, as you probably do, since you're reading this. Hopefully a few trees will also be spared.

We can and do visit the OC Register's online site to read their still very interesting and helpful information. (The guy on the phone was very nice about it, but he almost sounded like I was personally eliminating his job, so I'm trying to eliminate a little of my guilt by giving them a plug.)

Anyway... this is an easy one. One down, 51 to go.

Savings: $127.24 for 2011, based on our payments in 2010.

Total saved to date: $127.24

Next post: Sunday, Jan. 9.


  1. Love it. We are doing a similar thing at our house. Today we changed out premium channels on DirecTV at $42 dollars a month for a Netflix subscription at $7.90 a month, cancelled cable and 2nd phone line. I'm gonna try and keep up with you. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Peggy! Couple of good suggestions there for future weeks. And I look forward to having some company - might help keep us motivated to get through the entire year.