Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week # 7: Yet Another Wine Story

No, we are not alcoholics. We just happen to enjoy the nectar of the gods - in moderation, of course. And red wine is good for your heart, right?

This one is a little different from the wine clubs we've already cancelled.

There's a great little store up the street called Wine Styles. It's part of a chain you can check out at if you're curious. We're members of their club.

For $38 per month, we get the "selections of the month" - two bottles of something that's usually very interesting, discounts on the store's wares, and invitations to special events. The cubby hole of a room in the back has excellent wine tasting ambience and occasional live music. It's become a bit of a habitual meeting place to keep in touch with some of our neighbors, which is the primary reason for our attraction to the store.

So we're not going to give that up altogether, but we can do without the club membership for a few months. Suspending the membership for three months hits the $100 mark.

$38 x 3 months = $114

Total savings so far: $1,338.40

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