Friday, February 4, 2011

Week # 5: Cancel Other Wine Club

Yep... we were members of two different wine clubs, as I was reminded when a shipment arrived from Clos du Bois just last week. So I canceled that one too. This one shipped four times per year, charging $80.12 each time, so one year's savings is:  $320.48.

The psychology of canceling these services is interesting. Going back to week #1, making that first call to cancel something we've routinely subscribed to was really hard, not just because we like the things we've signed up for over the years, but I genuinely felt bad talking to the person on the phone about their company losing a customer. From the sound of it, I wasn't the first cancellation of the day, and there was definitely some guilt on my end of the conversation.

As I've gotten through the first month, it has definitely gotten easier. It helps when we realized that some of our money was just being given away for no return just by lack of attention. And as the dollars are adding up, there's a realization that we could actually save enough to cover property taxes or take a nice vacation. That is very motivating. The confidence in our decisions has grown and the guilt has become less and less with each call. Now it's only a small factor. Before this year, the guilt (along with some apathy) was probably the main barrier to making these decisions and calls. Interesting.

Annual savings from this action: $320.48

Total saved to date: $1,009.61

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