Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's This About?

So for 2011, I have two resolutions. One is a joint resolution with my wife, Trish, to improve our finances by finding and closing money leaks that have been ignored for too long. The other was to try blogging, so here you go.

Each week, Trish and I will try to make one change that will save at least $100. The change can be anything that creates $100 in new value that we would not have had if we had stuck with the status quo at the end of 2010. I expect this to be a fairly easy thing for at least the first several weeks - we are paying some bills and hanging onto some subscriptions only because we always have. Some things we just don't need and will be relatively easy to cancel.

What do we expect to happen? Starting out, this should be a fairly easy weekly goal. Sometime around April or May, I expect it to become more of a challenge to find new things to change or cut. When we get into the fall, I expect that we will be making some very real sacrifices in order to successfully complete 52 weeks of changes.

How are we going to do this? I'm not sure exactly, which is why this challenge is interesting. The only rule is to create at least $100 in new value or savings each and every week. This will involve canceling subscriptions, going without a few things, cleaning out the garage to put things on Ebay, and probably many things we haven't thought of yet.

The schedule: Every Sunday, starting tomorrow, a new entry will be posted. The idea is that going public with this blog will help us keep on track and make a resolution stick for an entire year, for a change.

I'll keep a running list of our choices and the resulting savings in a log for all to see. If you have ideas that will help us get to week 52, we're more than happy to hear them.

Because I'm brand new to this blogging thing, the look today is about as plain as you can get. I'll enhance the look, features, and information... as I learn about them!

Good luck to us, and Happy New Year!!


  1. Those are a couple of pretty good resolutions. I haven't figured out if I'm making any for this year yet :P maybe I should resolve to update my blog more often also. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, inkgirl! I appreciate all two of my followers so far.