Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week # 11: Ducks Bucks

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This week I'm documenting savings on sports tickets. True... it would be cheaper not to go to them at all, but when you're fans, that's not really an option. But we can do something about the cost.

The Anaheim Ducks are fighting to get into the NHL playoffs again, and we usually go to a handful of games each year. We haven't been to any games yet this year and the kids have been reminding me that the season is growing late, so we had planned to visit the Honda Center box office anyway.

At work, vendors are frequently on campus to show off various products and services. As I was walking back to my office a couple of weeks ago, I happened by a table where a bunch of promotional deals were laid out. I was just going to quickly browse past it, but one caught my eye... an offer from the Ducks. For $40, you could buy a card that had several ticket deals attached... two free tickets (up to $65 value), and four 2 for 1 deals (same max value). The potential savings: $390 per card for a $40 investment.

After reading through all the fine print and finding no catches, I bought two cards, figuring that we would go to a couple of games. The first free ticket would pay for the card all by itself, knowing that Ducks tickets don't come any cheaper than $40 as a rule.

After consulting with the family, we settled on two game dates: one for six and one for eight tickets, to include some extended family and friends. Trish and I went to the box office last week. We upgraded a little bit to seats in the lower level and paid the difference (between the $65 value of the voucher and the $81 cost of tickets). Between the freebies and two for one deals, we saved $65 on 9 of the 14 tickets purchased, or a total of $585. Subtracting the $80 I paid for the two discount cards, the net savings for the transaction was $505. My mother in law reimbursed us for two tickets so I'll subtract one $65 discount and claim credit for $440 in savings to MY wallet.

Overall, I'm sure we've spent less on the Ducks this year than most in the past, but I'll just highlight the savings from this transaction. I just wish I could also recall the name of the company to share it with you. From their display, it appeared they had available savings on just about any major entertainment option in Southern California.

Savings in hockey tickets: $440

Total savings to date: $1,823.33

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